Tuesday, March 1, 2016

"Well, does her Family need the Flour?"

"The Cocksucking Cocksuckers of Cocksucker Valley."

"Son, I see that your eye has been blackened."

"Yes, Pa."

"You know how us Cocksuckers feel about fighting."

"But I didn't do any fighting, Pa, the other boy did."

"Well then, he is a Shame to his Parents. Why did this recalcitrant accost you?"

"He said I was a Cocksucker."

"Well son, you ARE a Cocksucker. We are the Cocksuckers of Cocksucker Valley."

"But he said no man should suck another Man's cock. Then he hit me and said I should be wearing a dress, and Lucy laughed."

"Lucy? That is the girl you are sweet on?"

"Yeah, Pa. She laughed and said "That is surely right" and that "she could never kiss a boy who had man cock all on his lips."

"Well obviously this Lucy as some growing up to do. Son, you suck cock to help support your family."

"But I was thinking, Pa. maybe I could go work at the Lumber Mill. Then maybe Lucy would let me take her to the Dance."

"Son, I could never let you shirk your cocksucking responsibilities like that."

"Well, Pa, it isn't any easier when I am sucking the cock of Lucy's Father every week. And HE says he would never let a cocksucker like me take his little girl to the Dance."

"And what did you say?"

"I couldn't say anything. He had just came and I was still trying to swallow."

"Don't you see, Son. That makes her of a Family of Hypocrites. You'd be better off without a Girl like that on your mind."

"But Pa, I get these feelings..."

"Yes, Son?"

"Well, like I kinda would like Lucy to suck MY cock."

"Well, does her Family need the Flour?"

"No, Pa: no Flour. I mean, uh, just because."

"Son, someday you will meet a woman who will Love you for just being you, and the two of you will suck cocks together to support YOUR Family: it is the Cocksucker Way."

"I guess so, Pa."

"I know so, son. Now go on up to bed."

"Yes, Pa."

"But before you do that --"

"-- I know: take a rag to my teeth..."

I am Laslo.

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