Saturday, March 11, 2017

Or Albania. I imagine there is a lot of degrading porn in Albania.

From the Fauxhaus Blog:

" XXX tube sites have not only left the adult industry in tatters, but are a pox on society: a danger to sex workers, forcing them into extreme acts of degradation due to dwindling demand, and to our youth, allowing them unfettered access to hardcore pornography."

Unfettered access: I believe most of us agree that children's access to porn should be fettered. This is not the good old days, where access to a few old issues of tattered Playboy magazines could feed a boy's erotic hunger for weeks. Now children have access to depictions of every sex act conceivable, and many that seem inconceivable until you actually see them (see: DVDA, to begin).

But this post is not about protecting the children and their roles as sexual consumers: it is about porn being Free. The author argues that free porn leads to "extreme acts of degradation".  Does one only watch such scenes if they are free? The urge to watch women blindfolded and gagged and tied to a chair while sucking an endless procession of cocks would not exist if it actually cost something? Free ice cream makes people want more extreme, degrading ice cream?

And, of course, Government is the answer:

"...the answer, Ovidie says, is for various governments to begin regulating these tube sites...If free access to porn is limited, then producers can get their funding back, start working legally again, and pay their talent fairly.”

Yes, the Government. Perhaps the Government can establish restrictions on Porn like they do on pharmaceuticals, and people will have to get their extreme degrading porn mail-order on the cheap from Canada. Or Albania. I imagine there is a lot of degrading porn in Albania.

Or perhaps Government can set up Pricing Standards:

DVDA (can include fellatio in the five spot): $50.00 per 5 minutes.

Anal Orgy with Bondage: $40.00 per 5 minutes.

Bukkake (minimum three ejaculations): $20.00 per five minutes.

Black Man/White Woman Monster Cock sex: $10.00 per 5 minutes.

Basic blowjob Dry (no facial): $5.00 per 5 minutes.

Gay Sex without condoms: $5.00 per 5 minutes.

Gay Sex WITH condoms between two minorities, and a text scroll delineating safe sex habits and Political Action websites: $0.50 per 5 minutes.

Can you see the obvious problem here? Putting a price on "Black Man/White Woman Monster Cock sex" is RACIST. Sure, Samuel L. Jackson can afford it, but The Brother in the hood who likes his White Women getting good-and-fucked is shit out of luck. Unless there is a Porn Welfare Program. Which would probably happen, the Government being the Government.

But the bigger issue is the Government will attempt to shape our sexual appetites through pricing controls -- say "Government Approved Sex Acts", everybody -- and recent Politics show that they're NOT going to adversely affect Gay Sex. So every "Anal Orgy with Bondage' will now have a bit of male-on-male ass action to help keep the price down. That can certainly throw off a viewer's 'rhythm', I imagine.

What will our Society be like when the only affordable Porn is Gay Porn? Will our young boys grow up more open and accepting, or will they just grow up with an insatiable thirst for cock?

Time for a Poll:

Should the Government get involved with Porn?

1. Yes. Protect the Children.

2. Yes. The women in Porn need Health Care benefits, probably more than most people, especially for their orifice areas.

3. No. I believe in the Free Market. Let the 'Unseen Hand' do it's work. There's a masturbation joke there.

4. I am OK with Mild Government interference, like keeping under-age children out of porn scenes. But don't fuck with my Anal.

5. I don't want the Government putting man-on-man ass action into my porn viewing habits. But the Gay Guys can watch that stuff, I don't care. Live and Let Live. Or let Suck. Whatever.

6. The Government should try to empower more Fat Chicks into Porn. Because body-shaming.

7. I was for Government intrusion into Porn before Nancy Pelosi sucked my cock.

I am Laslo.

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