Tuesday, September 15, 2015

That's the future, baby.

"... will further reinforce relations of power that do not recognise both parties as human subjects..."

Feminism has already marginalized the position of men as human subjects.

Note that, in porn, the vagina -- the sexual orifice unique to the female -- is now the least desirable of the three main choices. Where porn goes, popular culture inevitably follows.

Men are learning to prefer blow-jobs and anal sex to deny submission to The Vagina and what it represents as a signifier of the Modern Woman.

Manufactures will eventually not even bother to install the vaginal plumbing in a sex robot, saving costs for the consumer.

The ass and mouth will have the latest technology, and the vagina will be a mere fold in the body surface, a minor design touch to give the robot a retro feel like many cars today.

Those that really want a vagina on their sex robot will need to buy the Lesbian Model. Feminists will then be upset at men having sex with the Lesbian Model, as they are symbolically raping the lesbian.

Tired of the outrage, manufactures will cease marketing to such a small niche, and will provide only an Electronic Tongue for lesbians.

They will find that men will apply the Electronic Tongue to their testicles as they have anal sex with their robot. Noting a new market, the manufacturers will begin installing Electronic Tongues on the sex robots where the Vagina used to be.

The mouth and anal reservoirs on the sex robots will have coded locking features, preventing women from sneaking in and trying to retrieve the precious semen: no splooge stooges here.

That's the future, baby.

I am Laslo.


Maybe I am too pessimistic.

Perhaps the Vagina will still be a feature n the sex robots.

Of course, men will keep dialing down the Vagina Sensation Calibration from 'Mature' to 'Seventeen-year-old Cheerleader.'

Maybe that will be what happens.

I am Laslo.

The Vagina Scent Simulator could have quite an array of options: Strawberry, Suntan Oil, New Car Smell, Catholic Schoolgirl Dress, Marinara, etc.

Classic Authentic Vagina Scent would -- of course -- be trialed, but then there would inevitably be warehouses full of the unsold liquid, which would then be probably sold to the Third World as an Energy Drink.

The Market will figure it out.

I am Laslo.


Would the world have less Ted Bundys if the Bundy types had access to sex robots that they could fuck, choke, set the Skin Warmth Simulation down to 'Zero' and have sex with the 'corpse'?

That should make women feel safer.

I am Laslo.


Saturday, September 12, 2015

Yes: there is going to be an "I am Laslo" movie.

For those who come here expecting material on a regular basis I apologize for the disappointment of late.

I am Laslo, and still Laslo.

The last month has been preoccupied with finishing the screenplay for the "I Am Laslo" movie.

Yes: there is going to be an "I am Laslo" movie.

Script is in its final edits, most of the casting is done and filming looks to start in mid-October.

The idea is to have a finished film ready to try for film festivals in the Spring.

A few separate vignettes will be released on Youtube prior to that. Just because.

Shoestring budget: oh yeah. A LOT of Help from my Friends.

Laslo is not a rich man (in dollars; in friends -- yes).

HD: yes.

I am very happy with how it is coming together. Will provide some details maybe tomorrow.

World premiere in Seattle at an art house theater in winter? You'll find out here first.

Thank you for your patience.

I am Laslo.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

One of my bosses said "Come help us with our spread sheets."

"I have two female bosses (matrix organization), one is a lesbian."

What a coincidence: I, too, once had two female bosses, of which one was a lesbian.

It was a late Thursday evening in the Office and I was finishing up a project -- I thought I was the last one left in the building -- when I heard moaning coming from down the dark hall.

I went to investigate, only to find my lesbian boss rhythmically inserting a ten-inch yellow polyurethane dildo into my other boss' vagina.

They didn't notice me at first, and I wondered if I should sneak away, but then the non-lesbian saw me and asked if I had something pressing that I needed to discuss with them.

I replied that I had something pressing, but it wasn't the need for a discussion: I am smooth that way.

One of my bosses said "Come help us with our spread sheets" and soon my lesbian boss was soon rhythmically inserting a ten-inch yellow polyurethane dildo into my other boss' vagina while I fucked her in the ass. Some would call this 'team-building', I think.

As I neared completion I was perplexed as to who's face to ejaculate upon -- I did not want to make the other feel lesser, being my boss and all, but they put their faces together cheek-to-cheek and I distributed my results as evenly as I could.

So, like I said: I, too, once had two female bosses, of which one was a lesbian.

I am Laslo.


I, for one, celebrate the ladies.

I, for one, celebrate the ladies.

Every Young Hot Cheerleader had a mother and a grandmother.

And the mother might still be hot.

I am Laslo.


Saturday, September 5, 2015

I wasn't too worried, because I held a knife to her throat, just like she asked.

I once dated a girl who claimed her grandmother was an original member of the Manson Family.

When she was little her grandmother would take her to the park to eat ice cream and point out the people Charlie would've wanted killed. Which was pretty much everybody.

As she became older her grandmother taught her about make-up and how to apply lipstick to her forehead to make an 'X'; you know, girl things.

I took her to Denny's once: when she ordered 'pigs in a blanket' she just laughed and laughed and laughed, then asked for an extra fork. It made some patrons nervous; she said Charlie would've wanted them killed, too.

She had a thing about forks: her grandmother had given her one as an heirloom that came from the Spahn Ranch, and when she sucked my cock she would lightly trace the tines on my balls. I wasn't too worried, because I held a knife to her throat, just like she asked.

Eventually, it just got too weird: lipstick 'X's on her forehead, The Beatles' 'White Album' played backwards incessantly, her constant nagging for me to get a tattoo of Charlie on my back. Also: the crime scene photos in little frames on the bedroom night-stand splattered with candle wax.

It finally fell apart one night when we were having anal sex and she started to yell out the name "Charlie!" over and over. Afterward she said I got it wrong, that I should just said "Shut Up, Bitch" because that is what Charlie would've done.

She was sad that I was leaving, but she made a point to say that Charlie wouldn't have wanted me killed, so I felt a bit better about that. Still, she scratched "Helter Skelter" on the side of my car with a key. The plus to that was that people wouldn't park near me, even in a crowded parking lot.

For sex you can put up with a lot of crazy, but there are limits.

I am Laslo.