Sunday, May 7, 2017

White Van!

A new short piece from Laslo Films is posted on YouTube...

Age Restricted because, well, it's Laslo.

Shafer and Tucker drink beer and discuss the ramifications of a White Van prowling their neighborhood.

A Man-Child with his beloved Pink Cake Donut has a terrifying encounter.

There is a drawing of a Kitty Kat.

I am Laslo.


  1. It's classic Laslo. Too bad Begelman is no longer around to green light a new version of Strange Brew with these guys. I'd hire you to write and direct right from the start.

    Nice work!

    - Krumhorn

    1. Thank you! I appreciate the kind words!

      I am Laslo.

  2. Much improved from previous efforts...less wordy stretches, cutting back and forth. I think this would be better having the camera at same height as the two actors. And..they need to actually drink something. Got caught out a couple times by color shifting due to auto white balance drift/confusion. Use manual white balance setting if available.