Saturday, April 25, 2015

It is how the free-market works.

Back when I was Pimping one of the trickiest parts of the business was assigning prices to the individual girls.

Sure, they all want to be special, but very few men are going to pay $150 for a $50-caliber girl, it is how the free-market works.

Now you have the situation where Heather is mad that she is only a $50 lay when Tiffany gets $200. Heather: you will never break into the $100+ category when you are missing that many teeth. Even anal will top out at $75 for you, child.

The problem is compounded when Tiffany brags about her status, how she makes more than the other girls and doesn't even have to do anal.

This kind of division can ruin a stable quickly. And then there is always an 'Angela'.

Angela will earn $150 from a customer. Once. At that price, though, men expect a certain level of vaginal hygiene, and -- when it is not up to a suitable standard -- their next visit will be with Misty or Coral. Girl, do the maintenance.

And then their is the sensitive subject that is race. There are a lot of white husbands out there looking for some side action, and they are -- shall we say -- more 'comfortable' with the white girls. Add supply-and-demand and you have tensions in the workplace. 

This is exacerbated by the fact that -- when a white man chooses a black girl -- he is probably only in it for a blow-job, and blow-jobs cost less. I am not saying you should exclude minorities from your stable, but you have to be aware of pitfalls before they happen.

The other side of the race issue are the Japanese girls. Put a Japanese girl in a schoolgirl outfit with thigh-high white socks and she is worth $350, easy. Add anal and you're at least at half-a-grand.The shoe is now on the other foot, white girls.

In other words: Pimping ain't easy.

I am Laslo.

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