Tuesday, January 17, 2017

“I like tentacles in my panties! Go Speed Racer Go!”

“Isn’t it great, Chelsea? You’re going to be out of prison!”

“Me sorry: me no Chelsea no more.”

“What is that, Chelsea?”

“Me is Suki now. I are Suki Manning, young Japanese girl. Me no make eye contact. Flirty flirty.”

“Chelsea, you just can’t ‘become’ Japanese: it doesn’t work that way…”

“Hello Kitty! Sushi sushi! I will wear white socks and pillow-fight! Godzilla — Bam Bam!”

“Chelsea —“

“Me small Japanese Girl with Big American Penis! Tee-Hee!”

“Chelsea, you’re just mimicking crude stereotypes. That is wrong, can’t you see?”

“Oh: Mr. Round-Eye, he no like-a the Japanese Girls. He think I’m very bad girl. Maybe he want to spank very bad girl. Should I bend over, Mr. Round-Eye?”

“Dear God, Chelsea, you have come so far in people accepting you as a woman, but if you now say you’re Japanese everyone will just think you’re crazy!”

“I like tentacles in my panties! Go Speed Racer Go!”

“Snap out of it Chelsea! Snap out of it!”

“Hey! You just slapped me!”

“I’m trying to get you to come back to reality, Chelsea…”

“Chelsea? Who’s she? I’M Bradley Manning….”

“Oh God, Chelsea, I slapped you TOO hard…”

I am Laslo.

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