Friday, December 30, 2016

Eddie Klemp, The White Devil…

"I'm Eddie Klemp, and I'm White. And, sometimes, I AM The White Devil.

Mr. Black Auto Driver: remember how you were tailgating me on the freeway? Remember how I tapped my brakes? Remember how you swerved all over the place to avoid a collision because you did not leave enough room for safe driving?

I, The White Devil, did that.

Mr. Black Street Crosser: remember how you were crossing the intersection at night against the traffic light? Remember how I honked at you to watch out? Remember how you flipped me off?

I, The White Devil, did that.

Ms. Black Grocery Shopper: remember when I was behind you and you had over twenty items in the 'Ten-items-or-less lane', and I didn't say anything? Remember how you shot me a nasty look anyway? Remember how I smiled at the white cashier with mutual understanding?

I, The White Devil, did that.

Mr. Black Dog Walker, remember how you walked your dog and let it shit on my lawn? Remember how I gave you a plastic bag and told you to pick that shit up? Remember how you grudgingly did so, but then walked away cursing?

I, The White Devil, did that.

Ms. Black Pedestrian: remember how you bumped into me on the sidewalk because you were watching your phone rather than where you were walking? Remember how you dropped your phone on the cement and then bitched about the screen getting cracked?

I, The White Devil, did that.

I am The White Devil, and I did that to you…

I am Laslo.

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