Sunday, December 25, 2016

“Maybe you can write about how the bitter clingers are the new Pharisees?”

“Merry Christmas, Michelle.”

“Merry Christmas to you, Barack.”


“Yes, Barack?”

“Do you think that, in the future, they’ll celebrate my birthday like this? Because I can see that happening.”

“Barack, people love you. You inspire them, and have given them Hope. That’s as good as Jesus, in my book. Maybe better: Jesus didn’t have to deal with the Republicans.”

“Maybe I should write a book, like the Bible, but more Progressive? Obama’s New Testament?”

“That sounds like a wonderful idea, Obama. I bet we will get a GREAT book deal.”

“I can include Scriptures about Diversity and Social Justice. Make it more up to date.”

“Blessed are the Transvestites, maybe?”

“I think I’ll just stick with Gay. Leave it open to interpretation.”

“Good thinking, Barack. You don’t want to box yourself in.”

“The tough part is that Jesus died in the end. It’s hard to top that.”

“Barack, you have spent your time on the Cross for the last eight years. After the Presidency you will be resurrected to an even higher plane.”

“That’s good! I can use that…”

“Maybe you can write about how the bitter clingers are the new Pharisees?”

“You ARE brilliant, Michelle.”

“And I can be like Mary Magdalene, only empowered and equal.”

“I like the ‘empowered’ part, but the ‘equal’ part might be too confusing to people. Maybe I’ll save that for my New Revised Testament.”

“A series of Testaments: I like that. Keeps things fresh.”

“I’m liking this idea. I can embody all the things people wanted Jesus to be, but found him too judgmental.”

“”It’s like you will be the People’s Jesus.”

“Yeah. Have the Pope suck on THAT one…”

I am Laslo.

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