Sunday, December 11, 2016

“Miss Christina, I must respectfully say that all this caterwauling is unbecoming of you.”

Excerpt from "Black Blood, Black Seed":

"Hello, Benjamin."

"Miss Christina! You look so sad! Ever since you sucked clean my man-root you’ve seemed to be a different person.”

“Benjamin, I am a different person. I am now a Fallen Woman of the South. Ever since I swallowed your Black Seed my very Soul has been branded.”

“Branded by who, Miss Christina?”

“Branded by a God that sternly looks down upon Southern Women having intimate relations with a lowly Black Man. What we did was against the very Laws of Nature.”

“The Laws of Nature? I just put my dick in your mouth, that’s all. Seems pretty natural to me.”

“Oh, Benjamin, bless your heart. By knowing you I can sometimes convince myself that even Black Men may possibly have something somewhat like a Soul, too.”

“Miss Christina: us Black Men had a Soul when we was Negroes, we had a Soul when we was Coons, we had a Soul when we was Niggers. You can call us what you want, be we is People, just like you.”

“Like us, Benjamin? I pray that God did not hear you say such a frightful thing.”

“I think God hears me just fine, Miss Christina, and I am sure as Hell he heard me yell “Good God!” when I shot my seed straight down the back of your gullet.”

“No! Will my Sin never leave me be? It is as if your Black Seed was in my very blood, never to leave!”

“Miss Christina, I must respectfully say that all this caterwauling is unbecoming of you.”

“Benjamin, it is like your seed was an acorn inside me, and now a Black Oak Tree of Shame is growing so big it might very well tear me apart.”

“My Daddy, he told me about you White Women. “Son,” he said, “They is more trouble than they ever is worth”.”

“Your Father had relations with a White Woman, Benjamin?”

“Oh, yeah, Miss Christina: he surely did. He liked them mighty fine.”

“And whatever became of them? Your Father and these White Women?”

“I don’t know much about the White Women, but they done hung my Daddy from a tree.”

“That must have been awful!”

“It was, Miss Christina: it surely damned well was.”

“And those White Women: they must have felt SO ashamed.”

“Huh? What the fuck, Miss Christina? They hung my Daddy, and you be worrying about the White Women?”

“Oh Benjamin: Sin hurts us all.”

“Yeah, but Sin don’t seem to hang ALL of us from trees…”

I am Laslo.

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