Thursday, December 15, 2016

“I wish I had your unshakeable sense of despair, Olaf.”

Ingmar Bergman Unfinished Script “Wheat and Oranges” —Excerpt”

“Olaf, your hand is shaking.”

“It is this bowl of soup, Sven. It is this bowl of pitiful radish soup.”

“I sense revolution in the air, Olaf. The smell mingles with the smoke of the chimneys and the urine in the street.”

“It is always time to prepare for revolution, Sven, but the time of revolution itself never comes: the days are too dark and cold, and there is not enough wheat.”

“Wheat, Olaf?”

“You can fight a revolution without oranges, Sven, but you cannot fight without wheat. Not that it matters, anyway.”

“It doesn’t matter, Olaf?”

“The only True Revolution is one against God.”

“Revolution? Against God? Surely you jest, Olaf.”

“It is God who puts the radishes in my soup, Sven. An Uncaring God, with naught but radishes.”

“Perhaps I shall just write of revolution, Olaf. A futile exercise for the long dark winter.”

“Without wheat, it is all that one can do, Sven: eat radishes and write of a revolution that will never come.”

“I wish I had your unshakeable sense of despair, Olaf.”

“It is what God has given me, Sven, if only there was a God.”

“Perhaps I shall wander out into the snowy forest and lose my way, beneath an uncaring sky.”

“Walk barefoot, Sven: walk barefoot…”

I am Laslo.

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