Friday, December 23, 2016

“Tarnation, you is a negative goose! I LIKE being black! It’s like I don’ts have a care in the world!”

Excerpt from "Black Blood, Black Seed":

“Why hellooo dere, Benjamin."

“Miss Christina, what is that on your face?”

“Onna my face, Benjamin? Jezz de black skin the good God gave me. Imma is darker than a coal mine in a monkey’s ass.”

“That’s charcoal on your face, Miss Christina. Are you all right?”

“Us darkies, we is always alright, Benjamin. You wanna see me dance a knee-slapping’ real Negro dance? I’ll dance like a dang skinny chicken, all a-scratchin’ and-a peckin’.”

“Please, stop that, Miss Christina. Why are you trying to act all colored?”

“I’ze don’t know what you mean, Benjamin. Dis’ is the way ALL us darkies act.”

“You’re embarrassing yourself, Miss Christina. Please tell me why you are acting so peculiar?”

“My instructor at College is having us all pretend we are black, so that we can better understand the conditions of the black man.”

“I guess she means well, your Professor, but acting that way ain’t gonna make you understand us black folk any better.”

“Tarnation, you is a negative goose! I LIKE being black! It’s like I don’ts have a care in the world!”

“Respectfully, Miss Christina, I don’t think you really understand…”

“What’s to understand, Benjamin? I jezz acts like I’m not as smarts as a white person an’ it all comes natural-like. Heck, anyones can do it!”

“Is that how you really see us, Miss Christina? Is that how you see ME?”

“Heavens no, Benjamin: you are a special one. Indeed: you’re almost as smart as any white person.”

“Miss Christina, I don’t think any good will come of this…”

“But I’ze is havin’ fun bein’ a darkie! Look: Imma walkin’ around barefoot ‘cause I ain’t got any shoes!”

“Your feet are WHITE, Miss Christina.”

“Oh, that. I guess that kind of ruins it, doesn’t it, Benjamin?”

“Being black isn’t fun and games, Miss Christina. We face hardships every day, just because of the color of our skin.”

“Maybe I jezz ain’t bein’ black enough. You wants to eats some watermelon wit’ me?”

“Miss Christina, I think you should just go home and wash your face…”

“Do you wish you could do that, Benjamin? I mean, do you wish you could wash the black off of your skin?”

“No, Miss Christina. I accept what the Lord has give me, and I find my blessings where I can.”

“You wouldn’t rather be white? I’ll never understand you black people…”

“No, Miss Christina: I don’t think you ever will…”

I am Laslo.

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