Friday, March 25, 2016

But no: the Rat-Fuckers had to Rat Fuck.

Real Republican Man says:

Seventy percent of Republicans feel that the election process is not working.

Is that seventy percent the people angry at how Trump has been treated?

Or is that seventy percent the Real Republicans who Know Better?

You're damned right it is Real Republicans who Know Better. Real Republicans have a right to be angry: the way Jeb was treated was a Disgrace.

As President, Jeb could've kept the Real Republicans doing what Real Republicans do: being Prudent.

But no: the Rat-Fuckers had to Rat Fuck. 


(Note: I can't take credit for 'Rat-Fuckers': a True Real Republican posted that in a previous thread).

While not the Lawn Party-destroying rodents I previously warned about -- Rat-Fuckers are Real. 

The Rodents burrow beneath Decency and then the Rat-Fuckers fuck them. I am not sure how that even works, physically, but it must be disgusting, even if the Rat-Fucker has a very tiny cock and the rat is a rather big rat.

Or maybe Rat-Fuckers put the Rat up their Ass like Richard Gere, who is obviously not a Real Republican.

Let me put this plainly: if you put live Rats up your Ass you are NOT a Real Republican. Don't give me your Libertarian bullshit on this one.

And anybody that would put a live rat up their Ass would certainly have no problem with Shitting in the Caviar.

I am Keeping a List.

I am Laslo.

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