Wednesday, March 9, 2016

U2 dug me: Bono let me wear his Hat.

 "Baby, don't you see? I am Internationally Respected Writer. U2 dug me: Bono let me wear his Hat. I wore Bono's Hat. And I love how your breasts are big and nebulous, but I sound like a pre-modern dick if I don't properly abstract my scholarly reactions to your tits in a post-modern religion-inflected way, so: I appreciate the abstract bouncy nebulosity of your tits..."

"Did I say I love your cooking? Because I loved when you cooked for me, not for hundreds of thousands of flittery people who watched you on TV, not for your amazing smoosh swirl of exotic food, but for your pre-post-modern tits, as you souffled and sifted, bouncing and bouncing, the nipples never quite showing to the TV: did you ever want to wear Bono's Hat? Ws that a problem?"

"God, I am hurting, baby..."

"I am sorry about that Matt Damon thing. He was so excited to help me in my International Cause, and I can't help it: my dick fell internationally into his mouth: I just don't like to wear pants and then what happened happened. I already explained to Ben Affleck..."

It's really over? Really? So does that mean you are fucking Sean Penn now? Because Sean Penn fucks everybody when they break up. Hell: He fucked me in the ass after Elizabeth and it wasn't that great: he smelled like old beer and cigarettes and made me listen to Madonna albums...."

I am Laslo.

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