Sunday, March 13, 2016

I have a List of those that Shit in the Caviar.

Real Republican Man says:

There is a Line, people, there is a Republican Line and you are either on one side of the line or the other. Or you are straddling the Line. You are a straddler, and Republican don't straddle: we take a wide stance sometimes, but we don't straddle. Democrats straddle.

Or I guess you could be going back and forth like you don't even know the Line is there. Like some reprehensible drunkard.

But there IS a line. It takes both feet firmly on the right side of the Line to be on the Right Side of the Line, Republican-wise.

I know where the Line is, and what is on either Side, I KNow the Line: I Respect the Line. Those that Disrespect the Line are to be Disrespected. Because they Disrespected the Line. They are Disrespecters to be Disrespected. It's pretty simple, really.

And still the Gate-Crashers insist on Shitting in the Caviar. Because we keep large amounts of Caviar on the Right Side of the Line. Real Republicans do NOT shit in their Caviar. Gate-Crashers do not appreciate Fine Caviar, and think nothing of shitting in it. That is why there is a Line: to keep the Shit out of the caviar.

I have a List of those that Shit in the Caviar.

I am Laslo.

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