Thursday, March 10, 2016

Turns out he wasn't such a nice man either.

So this nice man gave me a ride, and took me out into the woods. Then he wasn't such a nice man. I remember the shovel, mostly.

Eventually I was able to loosen the rope around my wrists and climb my way out of the dank dirt hole I was left in. I then crawled through the woods in the rain on my hands and knees. 

Eventually I came upon a man painting a shack.

Turns out he wasn't such a nice man either.

I awoke, stumbled out of the freezer he had put me in, and took the duct tape off my mouth. There was paint on my pants, my skin was blue and my hair was sticky.

I made it to the highway, where I hitched a ride with a photographer, who took me to his Studio. He said my look was Perfect, and took some photos.

And that is how I became a Male Model.

I am Laslo.

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