Friday, April 8, 2016

"America: that's a big place."

"Hello? Am I speaking to someone in Sweden?"

"Ah! Ahurb adurb bo chinny woola lozenge?"

"Excuse me?"

"Just teasing you. Many of us in Sweden speak English."


"Sure thing. Where are you from?"

"I'm in America."

"America: that's a big place."

"It is."

"It is much bigger than Sweden."

"Yes: yes it is."

"You have black people in America, right?"

"Uh... Yes we do."

"They are a big problem, yes?"

"I wouldn't put it that way..."

"Black people in America: they seem to cause a lot of trouble."

"I think that might be a misunderstanding..."

"No, no. We watch your news. Black people are always yelling and setting fire to things."

"Uh -- maybe we can talk about Sweden..."

"I bet if you could just wish away all of your black people you would do it, right? Have them all -- poof! -- just be gone?"

"Black people are an important part of our country..."

"We don't have black people in Sweden. It's much nicer this way."

"This isn't quite the conversation I expected..."

"Well, I suppose there isn't much you can do about it now, right? Black people: you're stuck with them."

"I think I need to be going..."

"Oh. Okay. One last question, though?"

"Sure. I guess."

"In America -- where do you live?"



"What is so funny?"

"Detroit! Black people everywhere! It must suck to be you, right?"


"Good luck, my American friend..."

I am Laslo.

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