Friday, April 8, 2016

"Ummmm... sure. We're all young: we like to show off our tits."

"Daddy Issue America": an Excerpt...


"Yes, Amanda?'

"Do you know Dad would come into the bathroom when I was taking a shower?"

"Was he drunk?"

"I don't know -- he just kept talking about me having a fresh towel."

"You know, your father used to do that to me when I was young."

"Mom, you're not making it any less freakier."

"Did he offer to suds you in places that are hard to reach?"

"No, he'd just... stare."

"Stare up top or stare down bottom?"

"Up top, I guess."

"Oh honey. That is what men do. He'd stare below if he meant wrong."

"I think Dad has a problem, Mom."

"Of course he does dear, that is why I divorced him."

"I mean I think he has a PROBLEM. Several of my girlfriends said he stared at their tits."

"And Amanda, were they wearing clothing that showed off their tits?"

"Ummmm... sure. We're all young: we like to show off our tits."

"So there you go, Honey. You show off your tits and there is no age limit to the men that want to watch."

"They never get tired of it, Mom? I mean: the tits?"

"They never get tired of it, Baby Girl. This also applies to the ass."

"Mom, I am so lucky I have you to talk to."

"Amanda, that's why I'm here. But honey..."

"Yes, Mom?"

"If you're in the shower and your Father comes in, don't bend over..."

I am Laslo.

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