Saturday, April 2, 2016

"It must be sweaty and orange."


"Yes, Amir?"

"I hear that Trump is now threatening to rub his Taunt on us!"

'I do not understand, Amir. He is threatening to rub his Taunt on us?"

"Yes! It must be like waterboarding, but with his Taunt!"

"I still don't get it."

His Taunt, Farook: the space  between his balls and his anus. He is going to rub it repeatedly on our faces!"

"Ahhh, Amir. That is 'Taint', not 'Taunt'."


"Yes: 'Taint' is the area between your balls and your anus. 'Taunt' just means to ridicule someone."

"Well, that doesn't sound so bad. I was worried there, for a moment."

"I understand, Amir: having your face smothered between Trump's gyrating balls and anus would be awful indeed."

"It must be sweaty and orange."

"Very orange, Amir."


"Yes, Amir?"

"Hillary Clinton: does SHE have a Taint?"

"Yes, Amir she does. It is between her vagina and butthole."

"Because that would be even worse."

"I agree, Amir. Her Taint is probably covered in scales and stiff hairs. Or like a Scorpion."

"I do not like to think about such things, Farook."

Nor do I, Amir: nor do I."

I am Laslo.

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