Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Bathrooms for Social Justice, People.

LeCraig, Sensitive White Student says:

If a black self-identified male and a white self-identified male use two adjoining bathroom stalls I will always choose the stall previously occupied by the black man as a message of Equality.

I will do so even if the black man used up all of the available toilet paper.

Toilet paper is a conceit of the White Patriarchy.

I am GLAD that the black man used all of the toilet paper: Reparations start in small experiences. I let the black man eat the last piece of fried chicken, too, but that is for another discussion.

Sometimes there will be a pubic hair left on the toilet seat: I respect this sign of Ownership of the Self against Oppression. That solitary hair says 'I was here and the White Man can't stop me, even with my pants around my ankles.'

A single pubic hair can Change the World.

Bathrooms for Social Justice, People.

I keep it reals.

I am Laslo.

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