Monday, February 6, 2017

Cockroaches and Poison Gas. Blatant.

From the Diaries of an Internet Nazi Hunter (excerpt)…

7:32. A blog about Interior Decoration. Commenter went on about lampshades. Lampshades: of course. Like I don't know what you are inferring.

7:49: A blog about Households. Commenter went on about the satisfaction of spraying roaches with Raid. Cockroaches and Poison Gas. Blatant.

8:14: Had another cup of coffee. Looked up "Maxwell House" to see what they did during World War Two. One man's 'House' is another man's Internment Camp. Inconclusive.

8:22. A blog about Choosing the Right Doctor. Yeah, and that 'Right Doctor' best not be Jewish. They didn't say that in so many words, of course, but it is what they didn't say that said it all. Stock photo of blonde male (Aryan?) in Doctor's smock. Not surprised they didn't mention Dr. Mengele in the article.

8:48. A blog about Modern Christianity. They all think they found the Messiah. A few throw out the "Jewish Carpenter" line, but I know that is just a fig leaf. For them Christ was a Good Jew like Michael Jordan was a Good Black.

9:02: Bowel movement. Did part of a crossword puzzle during the event. 22-Across was particularly anti-Semitic. Also: 4-Down.

I am Laslo.

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