Friday, February 3, 2017

“Do we SHOW the young girl in the shower? I mean in the tasteful “shoulders-up / thighs-down” way?”

At the Audi Advertising Meeting…

“Okay, I put out the casting call. Hot young women to drive the car. We’ll have photos to review in the morning.”

“Uh, maybe we need to be concerned about not seeing sexist.”

“It’s worse than that: people will think we are Nissan or something.”

‘But we need sex, guys. Audi IS sex. And sex without hot women is, well… gay.”

“Suburu already has the market in gay. Especially the lesbians.”

“How about we try some ‘female-empowerment’ thing? You know: chicks have come a long way.”

“So a hot office worker leaves work for the day and gets in her Audi?”

“Yeah, she can be carrying files, like she is so important she still has work to finish at home.”

“Uh, guys, that still puts us in the ‘hot women’ category. We need to think bigger.”

“I got it! How about a young girl? She could symbolize the Strong Woman of Tomorrow.”

“I LIKE it! Of course, she can’t look TOO much like a young girl. Maybe a young girl who looks like she’s already almost a Hot Chick.”

“Perfect! And she can be doing something with her Dad!”

“Her RICH Dad.”

“Of course! Let’s keep the mother out of it, though.”

“Yeah: mothers equals minivans. American-made minivans.”

“Yeah. And by leaving out the mother it could be seen as she is really just a step-daughter. It is OK to lust after a step-daughter.”

“It’s OK to lust after a step-daughter?”

“Oh yeah. I have two step-daughters. One’s OK, but the other is Hot.”


“Yeah: I’ve ‘accidentally’ walked into the bathroom while she’s taking a shower. Nice ass. Young. Firm.”

“Do we SHOW the young girl in the shower? I mean in the tasteful “shoulders-up / thighs-down” way?”

“Nah. Too obvious. Trust me: the men we have in mind will get it, no problem.”

“Okay, so: young child that can be seen as a Hot Chick, but with deniability.”

“We didn’t MEAN that.”

“Of course we didn’t. The people who come up with that criticism are the sick ones.”

“Perfect! I’ll get started on the casting. Do we want budding breasts?”

“Let’s see all kinds. But white.”

“White. Of course.”

“And blonde.”


I am Laslo.

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