Saturday, February 18, 2017

"Even unicorns have poop-holes!"

Smilo, the Controversial Fuzzy Troll...

"Smilo, what do you say about people describing you as hateful?"

"They so silly! Silly-willy! I have a smile for eveyrbody!"

"Well, you have posted some controversial statements..."

"Peoples: sometimes they cannot see the rainbow behind the unicorns!"

"Here are a few things you've said: "Lena Dunham is a Bag of Sad Potatoes..."

"Oh, yes, I said that! And isn't she, really? I look at her and I see a Bag of Sad Potatoes..."

"And here's another: "Sarah Silverman should've stayed with Jewish Poop jokes."

"Oh yes! EVERYBODY loves poop jokes!"

"But what about the 'Jewish' part?"

"Well, she makes a lot of jokes about being Jewish. And she poops. I poop, and I have a furry butt! Let me tell you, sometimes that's not funny, which only makes it funnier!"

"How about "Matt Damon is a gay Smurf"?

"Look at him! If I were a Smurf I'd fuck him! Oh oh: I said a nasty word! No unicorn for me!"

"Do you think people SHOULD be offended at what you say?"

"I'm a three-foot furry gay troll, but I don't get offended by the 'Lucky Charms' Leprechaun, do I?"

"Smilo, I'm not sure what that even means..."

"Hee Hee! You silly-willy! EVERYONE has a poop-hole! Once you think about that how can you be offended by anything? Even unicorns have poop-holes!"

"That's an interesting point-of-view..."

"Even YOU have a poop-hole! Is your poop-hole male or female?"

"Excuse me...?"

 Is your poop-hole male or female? C'mon you can tell us..."

I'm a man, so I guess that would make my poop-hole male..."

"Uh Oh! You just offended a lot of people who claim to have transgender poop-holes! See how easy this is?"

"I'm afraid we're out of time, Smilo...'

"Thank you! Enjoy your Golden Showers!"

"What? I don't 'do' Golden Showers..."

"Uh Oh! As Britney would say: 'Oops, you did it again!'

"Did what?"

You offended some more people! Some people LIKE peeing on people! Let's face it: people are fucked up, and fucked-up people are always offended! Oh oh: I said a nasty word again! No unicorn for me!"

"Well, thank you, Smilo, you certainly are... interesting...."

"I'm a four-leaf clover! "I'm a four-leaf clover..."

I am Laslo.

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