Wednesday, February 3, 2016

"But you're a teacher! I'm supposed to do what you tell me!"

A few moments with Mr. Jones, Diversity Seminar Instructor.

"White boy with the gray hoodie in the second row, what is your name?"

"Uhhh... Taylor."

"Feeling scared right about now, huh, Taylor? teacher singling you out in a Diversity Class?"


"That's fine, it's OK to be scared. Race is a tricky thing. The wrong word, and your Life can be effectively ruined."


"So, Taylor: I want you to look athe closest black student to you and call him 'Nigger'."


"There's a black student, just a few seats over. Call him 'Nigger.'

"I can't do that, Mr. Jones."

"And why is that, Taylor?"

"Because -- because it's wrong."

Why is it wrong, Taylor? Because it is racist? Because the word demeans a person? Because it is hurtful?"

"Yeah. All that."

"Or are you more worried about getting your white ass kicked, calling a black man 'nigger' and all?"

"That's not it --"

"And class, THAT is racism. Not that Taylor has said the 'N-word' but because he lies to himself over why it is wrong. Taylor, why would you even use such a word, if it is so demeaning and hurtful?"

"Because you told me to!"

"And you'd knowingly hurt someone, just because someone told you to?"

"But you're a teacher! I'm supposed to do what you tell me!"

"I'm a Teacher, but I'm also a human being, and human beings are tricky bastards. People will fuck you over, just for kicks. And that is today's first lesson, students -- write this down:

'People will fuck you over, just for kicks.'

And note, this WILL be on the Test..."

I am Laslo.

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