Wednesday, February 3, 2016

"Maybe even like you might even DESERVE a little bit of what's in there?"

"Good morning, everyone, I am Mr. Jones, your Diversity Seminar Instructor. As you can see, I am a man of color: white people, if it would make you feel better, let out that long sigh you got all stifled in you. Better?

Being that I am not a shiftless lazy type of black man I am going to get us started quickly..

People of color: pick a white person in the class today and stare at them. That's it: just stare at them. Good, good.

Now, the white people are probably thinking to themselves "Why are all these black people staring at me? I didn't do nothing."

And that is my point, white people: people of color get stared at all the time. They didn't ask for it; they 'didn't do nothing.' Let's let this soak in. Feels good, black people, right?

Now, white people: while all the black people are staring at you I want you to take your wallets out of your pockets and purses and set them on a desk in front of the nearest black student. C'mon, you can do it, we are all classmates here...

Now white people: look at me. No - no -- no glances to see if your wallet is still there: look at me. Keep looking at me, keep looking...

Now close your eyes. Yes, you are going to close your eyes while your wallet is in front of a black student you don't know. Excruciating, right. Now, black people: touch the wallet in front of you.

White people, I see some eyes opening -- keep them closed.

Black people: feels kinda good, right? Maybe even like you might even DESERVE a little bit of what's in there?

Okay, white people, open your eyes. Yep, the black folk are still staring at you. Now, go up in front of them, look them in the eye and reclaim your wallet. That's all, just reclaim your wallet, no reason to be timid...

That wallet was SO close, wasn't it, black people? It was almost like it could've been yours, right?

Now, we're going to repeat this process, but I will be leaving the room for ten minutes while you do this. Good luck."

I am Laslo.

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