Saturday, February 13, 2016

"I didn't say "fuck," I said "flunk." See? See how people are around me?"

"Daddy Issue America": an Excerpt...

"Amanda, I need to speak with you..."

"Yes, Mr. Wright?"

"It is about your term paper...."

"Not again."

"Excuse me?"

"Mr. Kimble already accused me of not writing my own term paper. Now you're going to accuse me, too..."

"I wouldn't say 'accuse', Amanda. I just have concerns..."

"A pretty girl can't write a good paper, is that it? I'm too pretty and sexy and hot to have written that paper?"

"I just haven't seen anything in your previous work that would lead up to your term paper."

"Okay, okay: I'll tell you the truth."

"I would appreciate that, Amanda."

"I pulled down my pants to my ankles and stuck a twelve-inch yellow dildo up my ass in exchange for the paper."

"Oh my..."

"And now I feel humiliated. Humiliated by YOU."

"By me?"

"Yeah. If you weren't so intimidating in class I wouldn't have been so afraid to write my own paper. YOU'RE the reason I stuck a twelve-inch yellow dildo up my ass."

"Amanda, I would never have wanted a student to do such a thing..."

"Oh, I get it. You're going to masturbate about it, right? You're going to go home and masturbate to the image of me with a twelve-inch yellow dildo stuck up my ass. And my pants around my knees."

"I am going to do nothing of the sort, Amanda."

"I can see it in your eyes, Mr. Wright. You're trying to picture me naked right now."

"Amanda, about your paper..."

"So you intimidated me enough to stick a twelve-inch yellow dildo up my ass, you've humiliated me, and now you're going to fuck me?"

"Amanda! I am NOT going to "fuck" you..."

"I didn't say "fuck," I said "flunk." See? See how people are around me?"

"Amanda, this is getting somewhat out of hand..."

"You're going to fuck me and I'll have to go to the Principal and tell HIM how I stuck a twelve-inch yellow dildo up my ass because I was so afraid of you."

"Amanda, I am not going to flunk you. How about I give you a 'C' for good intentions and we'll consider the matter closed."

"How about a 'C-plus? It WAS twelve inches."

"Okay: a C-plus."

"Thank you, Mr. Wright! I knew you couldn't be all bad."

"Thanks, Amanda."

"And Mr. Wright?"

"Yes, Amanda?"

"You can masturbate about it if you want to: I don't mind..."

I am Laslo.

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