Tuesday, May 17, 2016

And scratchy, like a wool sweater or something.

Donald Dice Trump says:

Hillary is a teapot

short and stout

Huma licks her asshole

and there is a Dead Mouse in her Vagina.


People, people: they're just jokes. The Donald likes to joke now and then, alright? It's all in good fun, good fun.

Except for the Dead Mouse part. Dying in Hillary's Vagina wasn't much fun for him, I imagine.

"Oh my God! It's so dark and lonely in here! And dry. I mean, it's REALLY dry in here. And scratchy, like a wool sweater or something.  And now I'm stuck. I'm stuck in this woman's dark dry wooly vagina, and I can't breathe. This sucks!"

Poor little fucker, he never had a chance. But he took one for the team, you know? At least there's that...


I am Laslo.

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