Sunday, May 8, 2016

"Yeah! And we could put it up on the wall by the shelf of Mason Jars."

Hillbillies on the Porch:

"Whacha whittling there, Deke?

"Well, it started as a stick, and then I'm just kinda goin' from there."

"Election's comin'. We're finally gonna be rid of that black fella."

"Yeah. Who'da ever thunk we'd have a black President from Kenya? America sure is getting to be a different place."

"I hear Trump's gonna get rid of the Mexicans."

"I guess that's good. Though we don't get many Mexicans in these parts."

"Yeah. At least we got that goin' for us. We going hunting for squirrels later?"

"Sure thing. First though I wanna finish readin' the latest copy of 'National Review.'

"Of course. Some of them New Yorkers are purty smart. Even being from New York and all."

"Yeah. I'm concerned about the IMF. I think they're up to no good."

"Communists, I tell ya. Bad as Democrats."

"I bet the democrats think us types only chew tobacca and skin us some varmints."

"Well, I'd skin me a Democrat if I had me the chance."

"Yeah! And we could put it up on the wall by the shelf of Mason Jars."

"Speakin' of Mason Jars, we need to be makin' up some more moonshine."

"We'll do that after we hunt us some squirrels."

"And read the Wall Street Journal."

"That goes without saying. Maybe that guy with the bow-tie has written us something good."

"I'd sure like that..."

I am Laslo.

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