Sunday, May 1, 2016

That was the Way of the Bronson.

Charles Bronson.

I am thinking that we have no modern equivalent to Charles Bronson.

Benicio Del Toro might come close visually in a pretty boy way, but he has no presence of Eternally Doing The Manly Thing.

And The Eternal Manly Thing is to protect the Women.

Women before being protected and rescued by Bronson would not look at him twice.

Once protected and rescued, they would fall in Love with The True Man of Men, and never be able to look at another man in quite the same way. Maybe he would stay with them, maybe he wouldn't: that was the Way of the Bronson.

Don't get me wrong: I love the Clint Eastwood. But he always knew the women loved him, even before he took action.

Bronson knew the women reflexively veered from him, yet he took to their Rescue Every Damned Fucking Time.

Women of the Seventies knew the need for a Bronson; today's ladies not so much.


I am Laslo.

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