Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Uneducated are supposed to at least repeat them.

The Slightly-Less-Than-Average-Intelligence Althouse Reader says:

I know you Smart People.

You believe the goal of a community of mutual respect requires it to disfavor others. This will certainly achieve a community of agreement, perhaps, but I am not so sure the first part isn't just high-sounding self-serving exclusion. To be Inclusive you must Exclude: I get it.

And even when Smart People agree it doesn't seem like any Agreement lasts that long, because the goalposts will always move onward.

You are Wise in eschewing those that are explicitly racist, misogynist or homophobic. By 'Explicit' it means they said something you don't agree with: I get it.

Except I think you left out 'implicit', because that seems to be a problem, too. Those that are not Explicit are assumed to be Implicit until you deign to bestow a Favor otherwise.

I also see that 'intolerant' didn't get included in the list of what to eschew. Because it is okay to be intolerant of those you will not tolerate, if those who you do not tolerate are, say, intolerable. Or undereducated. That, too: I get it.

And the sign of undereducation is not mimicking the things the Educated say. Only the Educated say Educated things. The Uneducated are supposed to at least repeat them.

And only the Educated think Educated is the same as Smart.

I get it.

And I figure you don't get it.

Because you're Smart.

Meanwhile, when I go to the Men's Room it is because I have a penis. Explicitly.

I am Laslo.

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