Tuesday, May 24, 2016

But you'll be safe with me, your Ghostbusting Friend!

The Guy Who Drives the White Van With No Windows In The Back Says:

"it's OK, I'm allowed to be here in the bathroom with you. Even President Obama says its OK."

"Yeah, I like President Obama, too."

"Do you like 'Ghostbusters'"?

"You do?"

"Me too! Did you know I have "Ghostbusters" uniforms in my van? They're real and everything!"

"Oh, yeah, they're real, alright. I even have one in a size especially for you! Do you want to be a Ghostbuster?'

"You're parents say you shouldn't talk to strangers? I'm not a stranger, I'm a Ghostbuster!"

"A Ghostbuster wouldn't lie."

"Yeah! We'll put on our uniforms and drive around, looking for ghosts!"

"How do we know when we found a ghost?"

"Well, we get in the back of the van with the Ghost-Busting Equipment."

"There's lots of lights on the Ghostbusting equipment -- it's FUN to watch it work! You can work the handles, too!"

"Now, when we go to the van I need you to be very quiet: we don't want to alert any ghosts that we are on to them!"

"They're everywhere! But you'll be safe with me, your Ghostbusting Friend! Now: ssshhhhhh...."

I am Laslo.

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