Saturday, June 18, 2016

And some of it's even worse -- I even had to look some of the words up.


I'm reading the messages you all are sending me, and some of them are really sweet:

"LonelyWebcamGirl15, you are so pretty!!!!"

"I wish I had a girlfriend like you,LonelyWebcamGirl15!"

"You have such pretty eyes, LonelyWebcamGirl15!!"

But then some people are just mean for no reason:

"LonelyWebcamGirl15, you have Man Hands!"

"Are your hands really that big, LonelyWebcamGirl15?"

"What the fuck is with those hands, LonelyWebcamGirl15?!?!!"

And then some people just don't get me at all. I spill my heart about the World around me, I let you see into my very Soul in my very own bedroom, and then I get messages like this:

"I want to see you pee, LonelyWebcamGirl15!!!!!!!!!"

"Would you ever pee on camera, LonelyWebcamGirl15??"

"LonelyWebcamGirl15, I bet you look beautiful when you pee!"

And then there are THESE:

"LonelyWebcamGirl15, I want to see you poop."

"I bet you look like a princess when you poop, LonelyWebcamGirl15."

"Poop for us, Bitch!!!!!!~"

I'm amazed at how many people out there just want to see me poop or pee, and some of it's even worse --  I even had to look some of the words up. I just wish all the Sickos would find another WebCam Girl who does those kinds of things:  I'm not like that.

I mean, isn't anyone interested in, say, the books I'm reading? Anyone?


I am Laslo.

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