Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Then I begin softly: Little One -- you hear me, yes?

I am LaManza, The Abortion Whisperer.

It can be so emotionally tough for a woman to make the decision to abort her child: there is always the nagging doubt that she is killing a Life, an action that you can Never Take Back.

That is where I, LaManza, The Abortion Whisperer, step in.

However young, I can speak to a fetus and get it to understand it's impending Death in the Greater Scheme of Things.

First: I need to have Mozart playing in the background -- it helps settle the clump of cells.

Then I begin softly: Little One -- you hear me, yes?

You are Safe and Warm in the Womb somewhere between Infinity and the World, but I'm afraid there's been a Mistake: your Mother has decided that the World does not want you Here. By which I mean, She Doesn't Want You Here.

No, No: don't let your feeble fetal heartbeat race; it isn't your Fault, it is just that you are At The Wrong Time. So maybe then it is a Little Bit your Fault, but all that doesn't matter now, really.

I know you have the Whole of the Universe in your Head, just waiting to be Born into the Circle of Life, but it isn't happening Right Now. Sorry. The Scissors that will enter your Head are for your own Good: Really: Mommy says so.

Don't Be Sad, Little One: it is not as if she doesn't Love You, it is just that she doesn't see you as Anything to Be Loved. When you are in Heaven, watching Mommy live her Life while pretending you never even existed, it Will All Make Sense.

Please don't fret, my Little One: there are a lot of You up there, just waiting to Welcome You.

I am Laslo.


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