Tuesday, June 7, 2016

I was naked below the waist, so something happened.

Amber, the Blacked-Out Possibly Raped College Girl says:

I didn't deserve what may, or may not, have happened to me.

Sure, I was drinking with friends. There was Mary, Caroline, and then a bunch of guys we just met at the bar, I don't remember their names. One guy had a sports hat on. it was Oakland or Cleveland or New York or something.

We all were just having fun, and then I drank a Darth Vader. Maybe I drank two Darth Vaders, I can't really remember.

I don't remember going to pee, but I do remember coming back from peeing, and everyone was waiting to leave.

Then we were at one of the guys' apartment. Wait: we were outside the apartment, because I remember throwing up outside the apartment. Mary held my hair back, which was nice, but then she left, telling me to "be safe."

Inside the apartment I remember guys playing video games and drinking red punch, so I had a plastic cup of punch. It was a plastic cup, I remember that. Plastic cup. I think I spilled it, but maybe I didn't. I just remember people laughing. I might have kissed someone, but we were all just happy from the punch. I think it had rum, maybe.

Anyway, I woke up in a bed, and there was vomit and shit on the sheets. I think the vomit was mine but I don't believe I shit the bed, I know I would remember that. I think I would remember that.

I was naked below the waist, so something happened. i found my panties in the bathroom, wet and hanging over the shower rod. I thought: 'What the Fuck'?

I remember there was a blonde skinny guy, and there was a dark-haired guy with a chin beard. I saw them, but I can't remember where I saw them or when I saw them, but they are who I remember: I remember them. I probably could recognize them, if it was just them; otherwise, they looked like every other dude, really. 

In the morning I went back to my bedroom, took some of the Vicodin I had left from my ski-boarding injury, and went to sleep.

I thought being raped would be different.

I am Laslo.

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