Saturday, June 11, 2016

I told him he was being silly, but we were drunk and started wrestling.

Amber, the Blacked-Out Possibly Raped College Girl says:

We would laugh together. I told him he can't break my heart or I would break his face, and we both laughed. I told him he better not be looking at hoes and we'd laugh some more -- it was fun back then.

Then he started telling me I couldn't look at other guys, but it wasn't funny, he was serious, and then he'd get angry if he thought I spent any time with a guy, anywhere.

One night we were both drinking too much wine and he said he saw me smile at that guy at Starbucks, and that I must like him. I told him he was being silly, but we were drunk and started wrestling. It was like it was pretend-wrestling but then it didn't feel pretend. I think we were still laughing but I think I was scared underneath, it all kind of swirled together.

Then he told me if I really loved him I'd let him fuck me in the ass. I told him I was tired and just wanted to sleep, and so he said I didn't really love him. I told him I DID love him, I was just tired and drunk and wanted to go asleep.

So we went to bed and I think I was sleeping and he started pushing against me saying he really wanted to fuck me in the ass. I said 'No' but he kept pushing and then we did it, I just wanted it to be done I think, I really don't remember.

I woke in the morning and was going to tell him I really meant 'No' but he had already left. So I took some of the Vicodin I had left from my ski-boarding injury, and went back to sleep.

I thought being raped would be different.

I am Laslo.

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