Saturday, June 4, 2016

Anyway, that was the time I met Muhammad Ali.

Some years back I was working the overnight shift at an Adult Bookstore in the Bay Area when a limo pulls up in front.

Three men come inside, and I do a double-take: that's Muhammad Ali! He nodded, and the other two men stood by the door -- bodyguards, I figured.

Ali heads straight to the back to the 'Interracial' section, and peruses the video-tapes. I remember thinking it odd that his hands shook a bit as he read the backs of the tapes, but now I realize it was probably the onset of Parkinson's. Sad.

After a few minutes he comes to the counter with quite a stack of interracial porn, by which I mean small white women getting sexually pummeled in various orifices by virile black men. I noticed he preferred the ones where the men were black but not 'too black': to each his own, I figure.

I rung him up, and I still remember some of the tapes: "Black In The Back" -- either Volume Three or Four, I don't quite recall for sure -- the classic "I Can't Fit That In My Mouth!", "White Muffs and Cocoa Puffs," "Daddy, There's a Black Cock in My Ass!", and -- How Appropriate! -- "The Thrilla in Vanilla."

He paid cash from a roll of bills, then left with his bodyguards behind him. I hope he had a good evening with his purchases.

Anyway, that was the time I met Muhammad Ali.

I am Laslo.

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