Monday, July 4, 2016

Hollywood: I'm here. Call me.

I propose a RomCom about two paraplegics, who meet cute by running their wheelchairs into each other on a sidewalk to get out of the way of a blind man.

It is a case of opposites attract: she was an adventurous skier who had an unfortunate skiing accident, while he was a bookworm who tripped down library steps with his arms full of books.

Despite their differences, they have something deep in common: it is Them against the World. Lots of summery shots of them wheeling together down boutique streets, side by side. Charming conversations, interspersed with wheelchair gags.

Then, through a Miracle of Science, she is cured, and able to walk again. Unfortunately, he is still in his wheelchair. He is happy to be at home and read books, but the world of Adventure calls to her again.

Will they find that their Love only worked with their shared disability? Is it unfair of him to expect her to stay with him? Is it unfair of her to return to the Life she Loved?

Also: there is the attractive male Physical Therapy Tech who helps her regain her Strength, who pushes her to keep going, keep going, keep going. "Yes! One day we will ski together!"

A Love Triangle, obviously.

And an ominous warning: the Doctors tell her she must take Life cautiously, that her spine is in a precarious state and could be easily broken again. But she was Born to Ski!

With the encouragement of the Therapist she decides You Have to Live Life Fully, and they go skiing. Romantic tension is palpable. And -- of course -- she skis into a tree and breaks her back again.

Does the Therapist still desire her, now that she is disabled in a wheelchair again? Does the Guilt of his encouragement drive him away? Will her Disabled Bookworm accept her back? Does she want to go back to him, or is that just a form of defeated acceptance of her fate?

Hollywood: I'm here. Call me.

I am Laslo.

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