Saturday, July 2, 2016

I could tell you stories about Yoga, but that is another demon's bailiwick...

For thousands of years I have travelled amongst the mortals, seeking to possess those that are weak. 

Every Demon has a specialty in what they do to those they possess; for instance, I have great fondness for a Brother who induces people to bark like dogs -- you'd think after thousands of years it would get old, but it really doesn't, I laugh every time.

Me, I find susceptible pregnant women to possess and slyly convince them to kill their unborn child: it's what I do.

The problem is, now I'm not really needed much in that regard. In eras past I would have to whisper and cajole and confuse with an exquisite silver tongue; now I usually don't even have to make the suggestion, the women already are planning on doing it on their own.

It makes me miss the good old days, when you really had to work at it to convince a woman to kill her unborn child: that Child was her Hopes for the Future, and she would fight with every ounce of strength to bring that Child into the World. 

Now it is like I am not even needed. I find a pregnant woman at Starbucks taking solace in a Mocha, only to find that she has already made her abortion appointment, and her only regret is that she will have to miss her Yoga classes for a few days. I could tell you stories about Yoga, but that is another demon's bailiwick...

Hell, even the demon who makes people bark like dogs is still relevant. I have wondered about changing my Specialty, but all the good forms of Possession are already taken. 

Make people act like Monkeys? Taken. Make people believe that they have been anally probed by aliens? Taken. Make women make false accusations of rape? Taken. See what I mean?

I guess I am just going to have to find a hobby for all my new spare time. I am open to suggestions...

I am Laslo.

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