Thursday, July 7, 2016

"Okay, since we're being honest and open to each other: two cocks. I've sucked two cocks."

"Ahhh. Remember that time you came into my Office not wearing panties? I should've done something about that, you and me…"

"Sir, I've never come into your office not wearing panties."

"Sure you did. I dropped my pen to the floor to discreetly double-check."

"Sir, you are ALWAYS dropping your pen."

"That's the only way you can be sure. And I'm sure: you came into my office without panties. I even wrote it down in my Calendar…"


"I write everything in my Calendar. See? Here it is: October 16th. On October 16th you came into my Office not wearing panties."

"Sir, I am getting uncomfortable."

"I even put notes. See? "Shaven". You weren't wearing any panties, and your 'region' was shaved. "Like a baby," I wrote."

"Sir, I have never shaved my 'region'…"

"Yes you did. October 16th. You were trying to entice me. Nice inner thighs."

"Sir, you'd know if you looked between my legs."

"October 16, 2:00 pm, it says so right here. I keep notes about everything."

"Sir, I am a transsexual."


"If you looked between my thighs and I wasn't wearing any panties you'd see my Cock."

"No, my notes don't mention any cock, I'm sure I'd write that down…"


"Just a rhetorical question, here: I didn't suck your cock, did I?"

"No, Sir, you did not…"

"Good, good. Because I think I'd remember that. THAT would be sexual harassment."


"Because I remember sucking a guy's cock once in High School. Well, I was in High School, he was a friend of my Father, we were working in his Garage…"

"Sir, maybe I should leave…"

"You've sucked cocks, right? As a transsexual you've sucked cocks?"


"Okay, since we're being honest and open to each other: two cocks. I've sucked two cocks."

"I'm leaving, sir…"

"Okay, okay -- I can't even remember how many cocks I've sucked: you got me on that one, Ha. You know, just thinking aloud: would you ever consider sucking cocks with me? Just you and me, a straight guy and a transsexual, sucking some strangers' cocks...?"

"You'll be hearing from my lawyer, sir…"

"Your lawyer will set this up for us? Outstanding! I'm glad we had this talk!"

"Good-bye, Sir…"

I am Laslo.

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