Tuesday, August 30, 2016

"Local Man of Color Buys Malt Liquor With Exact Change"

From 'The Community of Color Gazette':

"Local Man of Color Buys Malt Liquor With Exact Change"

Roland Jasper, a Black Man, visited his local Seven-Eleven Convenience Store Monday morning and purchased a can of malt liquor using exact change, all in coins.

"It's not like I buy everything that way," Mr. Jasper said when interviewed about the purchase. "I don't have a problem with paper money."

Mohamed Eza, the clerk at the Seven-Eleven, confirmed Mr. Jasper's story.

"Roland, he's used paper money here before. He's a regular customer. It's just that yesterday he used exact change."

"I just had a lot of coins in my pocket, that's all" Mr. Jasper said when asked to elaborate on his purchasing method. "It just seemed silly to use a couple of Ones and get still more change back. So I took the change out of my pocket, counted it, and saw that I had enough to buy my malt liquor. So that's what I did."

When asked if he would make such a purchase again, Mr Jasper replied: "I guess I would. It seems like I'm always getting change when I use paper money. That change adds up."

When asked what he was going to do with his malt liquor Mr. Jasper grew serious.

"None of your f**king business," he answered.

So there it is: a Story of Change in our Community of Color. For more stories like this please read 'The Community of Color Gazette'.

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