Saturday, March 18, 2017

A gun! And twelve-years-old! With freckles! What is the world coming to...?

Youth today...

As a sixty-six-year-old man I understand what you're thinking when I say how awful the youth are today: the Old Guy has a case of 'You pesky kids get off my lawn today!' again, right? But they HAVE become awful -- practically feral, and I don't just mean the 'urban' youth...

Yesterday, as I was leaving the McDonald's after breakfast -- my doctor says I need to stop eating that stuff, but I can't help it, I love the Sausage McMuffin with Egg -- I was stopped in the alley by a twelve-year-old boy pointing a gun at me. A gun! And twelve-years-old! With freckles! What is the world coming to...?

I figure he wants my wallet, and I figure it isn't worth dying for, so I tell him "It's OK, stay calm, son, I'll give you my money." But he stares at me with the beadiest yellow eyes I've ever seen on a boy that age, and he says "That ain't what I'm after, Gramps..."

He motions with the gun for me to move behind a dumpster, and then he proceeds to rape me in the ass! Ass-rape! By a twelve-year-old boy! At gunpoint...!

What ARE they teaching these kids in school today, anyway? He's fucking me in the ass, and the truth is it isn't really even that big a deal by itself -- his penis is pretty small, he's only twelve -- but it is the IDEA of the thing! What makes a twelve-year-old-boy think it is okay to anally rape a senior citizen at gunpoint...?

I thought things were bad when those skateboard punks knocked over my wife and broke her hip in front of the grocery store, but that was mostly just callous carelessness: THIS boy was fucking me! In the ass! By a dumpster..!

Being twelve-years-old, he came rather quickly, but what REALLY hurt was when he laughed and then said "Now you're my Bitch, Gramps..."

I did some stupid stuff when I was young -- once, I stole candy from a convenience store, but then my mother marched me right back and made me pay for it AND apologize the the owner: that's how things were done back then. What is THIS kid's mother going to do -- bring him by the house and make him say "I'm sorry" for fucking me in the ass? Maybe mow my lawn as punishment? Of course not! Parents today don't know a thing about raising proper children...

I am Laslo.

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