Sunday, March 19, 2017

"Chrissy Teigen's face looks like a baby getting fisted."

Chrissy Teigen: I don't get it. A model with an unattractive face. Pedestrian. Vaguely potato.

Of course, this has been pointed out by others (title quotes from the Internet):

"I don't understand Chrissy Teigen's face"

"Is it weird to think Chrissy Teigen is ugly as hell?"

"Celebs who were apparently 'too ugly' for Hollywood"

"Does anyone else think Chrissy Teigen is ugly?"

"Your thoughts on Chrissy Teigen face!"

"Chrissy Teigen's face looks like a baby getting fisted."

You caught me: I made that last one up.


"Chrissy Teigen is NOT ugly!" Which, by arguing the point, kinda makes the point.

For some reason, the media is trying to convince us she is a World-Class Model. The Gossip World (like Tom & Lorenzo) gladly plays along. Is she being pushed by The Gay Fashion Mafia to make a mockery of heterosexual men's desires? She is to Model what Caitlyn Jenner is to, well, Woman...

There are some models that are not 'conventionally attractive', but you can still see something eye-catching about them. But there IS a difference between 'unconventionally attractive' and 'conventionally unattractive'...

Perhaps this is unfair, but if you put yourself out as a Model -- a career based on looks -- you should probably have the looks to back it up. If her face was a singer she'd be tone-deaf...

Other possible titles for Teigen articles:

"Ugly Girls Buy Chrissy Teigen Magazines To Show Solidarity"

"Question for God: Was Chrissy Teigen MEANT to Look That Way?'


"Chrissy Makes Me Feel Better About Myself, Says Girl Born Without a Face"

I am Laslo.


"But there IS a difference between 'unconventionally attractive' and 'conventionally unattractive'..."

Case in point: Gisele B√ľndchen.

Smoking body. Model Hair. A Face that, in some angles, is alluring, even beautiful, but in other angles overly stern and planed and somewhat mannish. Sometimes her face is more mannish than her significant other, Tom Brady -- who is, occasionally, prettier than she is.

I would call her 'Conventionally Unconventionally Attractive.'

I bet Tom Brady only gets anal when he wins a Super Bowl. 

That would explain a lot of things.

I am Laslo.

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