Saturday, March 11, 2017

You can also look at Emma Watson as one of the lucky ones.

From the Fauxhaus Blog:

To begin: can we all agree that websites using the 'slide-show' format are frustrating, if not quite truly evil? This 'article' is about a model who was on the cover of Paris Vogue at the age of ten. This being, well, PARIS Vogue, you can guess how she was made up to appear. Those French. Anyway, the side-show requires twenty clicks to get you to what she looks like now, at the advanced age of fifteen. I'll save you the clicks: here.

Evidently it was a controversy back then (although I cannot find an Althouse post about it: if Althouse didn't blog about it did it ever really happen?): the sexualization of children, a theme that seems to come around in Pop Culture with the same frequency of boy bands (sexualized youth again, perhaps).

We can probably all agree that the Sexualization of Children is wrong, even when the French do it, but WE know the real question: was she hot?

I'm not answering that. In public. Click for yourselves.

The next question: at fifteen, is she still hot?

I'll answer that next year, perhaps. Chicks can start being hot at sixteen, I think that is what is socially acceptable. (I did some research, and when Britney Spears did that Catholic Schoolgirl video she was eighteen, which doesn't support my point, but she is made to LOOK sixteen, which kinda DOES support my point).

An important note: I did NOT Google "Thylane Blondeau nude", because I think that breaks a law or something, even if she IS French. So, FBI and NSA: that was NOT me....

Another note: Drudge has a headline about Roman Polanski wanting to return to the US on the condition of not serving any jail time. You can connect THOSE dots.

But, back to the topic: beautiful young girls.In this case, the child in question is lucky -- she is continuing to grow up beautiful. It must suck to be seen as a world-class beauty at ten years of age, only to grow up looking awkward and odd, with features that just didn't grow in harmonic unison. You can also look at Emma Watson as one of the lucky ones.

Which brings us to our poll:

At what age is it the best for a woman to look HER best:

1. Ten years old. But I will pick another number because it is safer that way.

2. Fifteen years old: I am still uncomfotrable.

3. Sixteen years old: Alright, alright, alright!

4. Their Twenties: Young and legal and free: what's not to like?

5. Their Thirties: Because a woman that comes into her own is a beautiful thing.

6. Their forties: Because a woman that comes into her own is a beautiful thing, even ten years later.

7. Their fifties: Experience can become Wisdom. Wisdom is sexy.

8. Their sixties: Because she should have a whole lot of Wisdom by now.

7. Seventies and older: Their is nothing wrong with being the Hottest Woman in the Assisted Living Home.

Yeah. Like that's the REAL Poll.

The real poll: is Thylane Blondeau Hot at Fifteen.

1. I am not answering that.

2. No! She is still a child!

3. No! She is still a child! And I am an adult man answering this way. Really.

4. I am not answering this until she is sixteen. Which was when we could begin fantasizing in Public about the Olsen Twins, if I remember correctly.

5. You all are lying to yourselves. She is HOT. In that French way. I could picture her as an au pair for my young children, and I accidentally walk in on her in the shower, but she is OK with that, she doesn't even grab a towel or anything. I've read about these things happening before, but I never thought it would happen to me....

6. I am Googling "Thylane Blondeau nude." I'll get back to you.

I am Laslo.

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