Monday, March 13, 2017

Feminism you can masturbate to can only help foster mutual understanding.

From the Fauxhaus Blog:

In a previous Fauxhaus Blog from Saturday I mused upon attractive young girls that are fortunate enough to grow up into attractive young women: You can also look at Emma Watson as one of the lucky ones.

Now, in the news today: Emma Watson Reveals Her Breasts – and the Problem with Feminism. I am nothing if not timely: sorry, but America is following where I am leading.

So today we ponder why young models and actresses have themselves photographed nude. Is it as simple as that men want them to? If only it were that easy. There are still plenty of young models and actresses that have not appeared nude, that have not followed in, say, Miley Cyrus' footsteps. And Miley gets photographed nude A LOT. The Patriarchy does not always get its way.

Is it about art and the freedom of expression? Perhaps: many of these kinds of photographs ARE 'arty', some even so arty the breasts are all in shadows and it is hard to even make out the nipples. But this Art: would the Artistic Merit not belong to the Photographer? The model is, after all, a model: she is a bowl of fruit on a table, a bowl of fruit with breasts instead of apples or lemons. But most men don't masturbate to apples or lemons, so perhaps the Photographer is part of the Patriarchy. Unless the Photographer is a woman. The Patriarchy can be tricky that way, but it is STILL the model's choice to reveal her breasts and/or buttocks.

Is it a form of Feminism? A statement that the Body belongs to the Woman, and she can do what she wants with it -- it is her choice? If it is, then I agree with THAT kind of Feminism: Feminism you can masturbate to can only help foster mutual understanding.

But many Feminists would disagree, probably because they don't like men masturbating: it makes women sex objects, or something like that. But are not Men allowed to have THEIR CHOICE to masturbate? Who will stand proud and erect for them? 

No: in the end it comes down to what it always comes down to: Daddy Issues. Daddy's Little Girl is Not a Little Girl Anymore! I Can Do What I Want With My Body! It's My Body and You Can't Stop Me, Daddy! Then, of course, the crying and the runny nose.

Which brings us to today's poll:

What are your thoughts on Emma Watson showing her breasts?

1. I don't care. It is her body, and she is free to do what she wishes.

2. It shows the Power of the Patriarchy: the pressure to cater to men's brutish instincts is nearly impossible to overcome for a young woman who isn't a lesbian.

3. I'm all for it. I have wanted to see her breasts since the first "Harry Potter" movie. Oh shit: she was eleven then. I mean the "Harry Potter" movie when she was eighteen. That one.

4. I have to see the Photographs to make a judgement. They may indeed be Art.

5. I have to see the Photographs to make a judgement. I hope they are not too 'Arty'.

6. I can now stop Photoshopping Emma's head onto other girl's naked bodies.

I am Laslo.

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