Wednesday, March 8, 2017

"Fuck you, fuck Hillary AND fuck Ruth Bader Ginsberg!"

Jane Holly, Hate Crime Super Victim....

Oh God, it was awful. I didn't want to tell anyone of the experience, so I only posted it on Facebook. Then the Police got involved...

I, Jane Holly, was a victim of Hate Bukkake.

I was leaving a lesbian bar that evening when I was suddenly surrounded by a group of clean-cut white men in suits with red ties.

"WE saw you leaving from that lesbian bar," one of them said threateningly.

"Are MEN not good enough for you?" said another.

I tried to pass by but they blocked my way, then cornered me in the alley by a dumpster.

"WE know what to do about YOUR kind," one of them said, then pushed me to my knees. Then they all pulled down their zippers and proceeded to furiously stroke their cocks while chanting "TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP!..."

Terror ran through my soul. I do everything possible to avoid having to deal with men's cocks, and here I was, encircled by them: angry turgid penises, the Patriarchy in its most Primal Form...

Soon their rhythm grew more intense, and then -- one after another -- they ejaculated on my face and hair...

"Take THAT, Lesbian!"

"I'm doing this for AMERICA, bitch!"

"Fuck you, fuck Hillary AND fuck Ruth Bader Ginsberg!"

It felt like it never would end. Finally, the last one shot his load in my eyes and they left, laughing and fist-bumping...

After I got home I took a long shower, then told of my experience on the internet. A long story short: the Police said the stains on my clothing were Ranch Dressing, not semen. OF COURSE the Police would say that: they are Part of the Patriarchy. It was like I was Bukkake'd all over again...

Thankfully, my Women's Literature Instructor understood, and I am now writing an essay on my experience, to help other women who are not believed. In the essay I'm also going to write about the guy who got me drunk at a party, raped me, and drew a swastika on my passed-out body: I'm not even Jewish...!

I am Laslo.

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  1. I like it, definitively got a laugh out of me. But I wonder if realty is getting too crazy to parody