Sunday, March 12, 2017

I'm sure there are psychological issues, and Daddy Issues, probably.

From the Fauxhaus Blog:

In an earlier Fauxhaus Blog Post I happened to mention Ash Hollywood. After doing a little more 'research', I find that there was talk of her retiring. No! 

No, I am not officially retired. I'm independently booked and shoot part time. Thank goodness, that was not true. That would be like Michael Jordan retiring in his prime from basketball to play baseball. Like that ever would've happened. Wait.

Anyway, my 'research' led me to this: Porn stars with and without makeup makes a slight difference. (I think this is pretty safe for work: no nudity, much less blow-jobs or double-penetration.)

Now, a harsh truth: many Porn Stars WITH their make-up are not particularly attractive. If they were somewhat attractive they'd be 'Bikini Girl #3' in a Seth Rogan movie. This proves Beauty provides Opportunities: the beautiful girls can bypass porn, and maybe even make it on some lower-level cable show. The not particularly attractive girls: they pretty much only have porn to fill that hole in their psyches that wants to be seen as desirable, so here comes the Heavy Make-Up and the Anal Sex. Yes, I said "fill that hole": that is the sly nuance I like to bring to my writing.

Ash Hollywood, though: without her make-up she looks like the fresh-scrubbed personable girl-next-door who just happens to be good-looking without even trying. Like if she came to your door to borrow some sugar you'd hope the scene would play out like an old letter to Penthouse. Maybe she'd even be asking for whipped-cream, instead: that would be good.

So how did Ash, a regular good-looking girl who gets Hot with a little bit of styling -- end up in Porn? I mean, she has already checked most of the appropriate boxes: Messy blowjobs? Check. Lesbian action, with strap-ons? Check. Light Bondage? Check. Big Black Monster Cock? Check. Anal? Check.

I'm sure there are psychological issues, and Daddy Issues, probably. But most women in the Real World that have sex also have psychological issues, and Daddy Issues, And that doesn't even include the Feminists. Some women choose porn, some choose lesbianism, some choose bad boys, some choose bulimia: good luck finding the undamaged ones.

So, on to our poll:

Would you fuck Ash Hollywood if she came to your door to borrow whipped cream?

1. Hell yeah. Are you stupid?

2. Hell yeah. Are you stupid? And I'm a woman.

3. I don't know. I find the whole porn thing icky. And I am worried about possible diseases.

4. No. I would not want to participate in the woman's poor choices. Maybe we could just go for a cup of coffee and talk about self-esteem.

5, Fuck the Patriarchy!

6. I'm fine just keeping it to masturbation.

7. Hell yeah! And I got a Black Monster Cock, baby!

I am Laslo.

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