Thursday, March 16, 2017

"Well Miss Christina, God had to be nice to us Black Men somehow."

Excerpt from "Black Blood, Black Seed"

"Benjamin, why do all you colored folk want to rape white women?

“Miss Christina, you is WRONG in saying that. Anytime a White Woman has relations with a Black Man she sure enough gonna cry herself 'Rape' and then out come the rope: my Daddy taught me that."

"Not all White Women are like that, Benjamin."

"Jus' the White Women who have sex with the Black Man, Miss Christina. You know, they hung my Daddy for having sex with a White Woman."

"That's awful..."

"What's awful is they's still sellin' a picture of him hanging as postcards at Miller's Grocery, up there at the counter by the Chewing Gum."

"That postcard is YOUR Daddy? I just figured it was some no-account Negro..."

"I get it, Miss Christina: all us Black Men look the same..."

"Well, Benjamin, the Truth is you Black Men kinda do. Makes it hard for a White Woman to tell the difference between the rapists and the other black folk."

"Miss Christina, I know you know better..."

"You know, when we were having relations I never cried 'Rape',  Benjamin..."

"That's what makes you special, Miss Christina. You never cried 'Rape', and you is the only White Woman who could ever get her whole mouth 'round my manhood."

"Oh, I don't like to think of you with other White Women, Benjamin: it saddens me."

"I don'ts want to make you sad, Miss Christina. It's just you White Girls really want the Black Cock, that's all."

"I know, Benjamin, I know: it surely is a Trick of God to make us White Women lust after you Black Men so."

"Well Miss Christina, God had to be nice to us Black Men somehow."

"Your other White Women, Benjamin: were any as pretty as me?"

"No, Miss Christina, no! You is without a doubt the prettiest White Woman I EVER gave the Sweet Dirty Love."

"Thank you, Benjamin. I sincerely treasure that statement."

"Sure, Miss Christina. Of course, you is also the only White Woman who wouldn't let me put it in her ass, so I hope that makes you feel better, too..."

I am Laslo.

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