Monday, March 6, 2017

From the Fauxhaus Blog:

The headline begins with Claims of Model Abuse, which seems to primarily consist of the models having to wait in a stairwell for three hours: those hoping for whips and chains will need to look elsewhere. Fashion Models already seem to live within an S&M relationship, forced by Masters to starve to stay skinny and wear uncomfortable clothing, so I am not that concerned with petty games of control in that World.  After all, their audience is also engaged in that same S&M relationship, allowing themselves to be forced to accept whatever the new Fashion Trend may be -- if they cannot figure out their 'Safe Word' that is their problem, not mine...

No, it is the Racist Casting that seems to be the Heat that is causing the Headline's Roiling. 

"He also accused the fashion house Lanvin of specifically requesting not “to be presented with women of color,” which he said he had been told by “several agents.”"

Which asks the question: can there be Diversity in the narrow constraints of Fashion? When White is the New Black do we worry about what now happens to Black...?

Fashion may be about many things, but color is a primary one: the Designer's palette typically sets the tone for the New Line. Does not this use of choosing color extend to the skin color that is next to the clothing? Is it acceptable to argue that some colors look better against certain shades of skin? Deep Blue against Dark Black, Muted Yellow against Pale White: is this not an artist choosing the background composition to best support his or her foreground? Are we concerned that when Bob Ross painted 'happy little trees' they were inevitably green?

Time for a poll. What best encapsulates your feelings about the possibility of racism on the runway?

1. Racism is wrong, whether it is on the sidewalk or the catwalk.

2, Like I give a damn about the Fashion World. It is a Tempest in an overpriced teapot.

3. The Designers are Artists, and should be free to present their art however they see fit.

4. Fashion Models are people, too. If you are concerned about the surface color then use a mannequin.

5. I am only interested in High Fashion when the Models wear See-Thru Clothing.

I am Laslo.

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