Tuesday, March 14, 2017

"The Patriarchy commands you to go into the kitchen and fix me a sandwich!"

The Patriarchy Men: Nude Photographer...

"Amanda, I am Patriarchy Man. The time has come in our Photo Shoot for you take off your clothing..."

"Uh... I really don't want to do any nude photos.. I'm kinda a Feminist, I think..."

"Oh, Amanda: The Patriarchy is more Powerful than you ever could have imagined. Take off your clothes. Take off your clothes for Daddy."

"Please don't call yourself 'Daddy': that's kinda, like, creepy...."

"The Patriarchy says OFF WITH YOUR CLOTHES!"

"Okay, okay, please just don't raise your voice like that: my Dad used to raise his voice like that, it scared me..."

"Amanda, The Patriarchy will speak in cool, measured tones as long as you do what I say -- UNDERSTAND?"

"There -- I'm naked. Just don't yell."

"No one is yelling, Amanda: a stern voice is NOT yelling. You Feminists never can figure that one out..."

"Now what?"

"Get on all fours, Amanda..."

"But... that's kinda demeaning..."


"Okay, okay! I'm on all fours -- I'm on all fours!"

"That's good, Amanda. Now smile while I take some pictures..."

"Uh, please don't tell me to smile. My Father was always telling me to smile and stop being so melodramatic. I don't like being told to smile: I mean, smiling should be my choice, I think...?


"I'm smiling, I'm smiling!"

"You have a pretty smile, Amanda. You Feminists should smile more, it makes you look less like a man-hater..."

"I don't hate men, I just think I have rights, too..."

"You have the rights The Patriarchy allows you to have, Amanda: no less, no more."

"This isn't going to involve whips and chains, is it? Because my Father kept magazines under the bed of naked women in chains."

"Your Father was part of the Patriarchy, Amanda. ALL men are part of the Patriarchy."

"I just want to put my clothes on and go home, Mister..."

"You will go home when Daddy says it is alright for you to go home. But Daddy wants to take some more pictures of your butthole..."

"This is horrible..."

"Oh, it gets worse, Amanda..."

"How can it get worse, Mister?"

"The Patriarchy commands you to go into the kitchen and fix me a sandwich!"



I am Laslo.

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