Sunday, April 16, 2017

"All men grow to despise their saviors, Sven."

Ingmar Bergman Unfinished Script “Wheat and Oranges” —Excerpt”

“Olaf, I see that you have built a fence around your simple home."

“Yes, Sven. I have indeed built a fence."

"But why, Olaf? You have nothing worth stealing, except for a few radishes."

"It is to keep people away, Sven. People are best left unseen, to die alone in the snow, lost and forsaken."

"I don't know, Olaf. If I were to see a man dying in the snow I would think to help him. to bring him inside and feed him warm turnip soup in front of the fire."

"And that is why you will die miserable, Sven. My fireplace is not big enough to warm strangers."

"But surely God will condemn you for your inaction, Olaf."

"God, Sven? You are such a child. Do you think that by saving a man God might then favor you with an orange or a sheaf of wheat? I pity your foolishness."

"I would not need reward to save a man, Olaf. A word of Thanks from the poor soul would be Thanks enough."

"Oh, naive Sven. Sure, the man might thank you at first, but then he will grow to despise you."

"Despise me, Olaf?"

"All men grow to despise their saviors, Sven. You have only given him more Time of Loss and Grief. Oh, how he will hate you for that."

"That is bleak, Olaf."

"The Universe is bleak, Sven. In this World only the Dog is truly happy."

"I DO love dogs, Olaf..."

"But even the Dog will run afoul of the wolves, Sven. His happiness comes from not knowing this."

“You have given me much to think about, Olaf. Perhaps I shall wander out into the snowy forest and lose my way, beneath an uncaring sky.”

“Good night, Sven. And remember: close the Gate behind you..."

I am Laslo.

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