Tuesday, April 18, 2017

True Magnetic Parallelism enables one to Transcend Life in The Pure Magnetic State.

Dr. Laslo, Professor of Magnetic Thinking, says...

Any conceived ideation of Truth is binary, with both tracks aligned in parallel. The first track is the Ideation, while the second track is the Divergence.

Note that the Divergence can not truly diverge, it is parallel, yet as such it neither can meet. As the Ideation of truth attempts to alter course to avoid criticism the Divergence follows, a reciprocation of adaption and mutation.

The only variable to this formulation is of the distance between the parallel tracks. Ultimately, if the tracks grow too far apart the ability to discern relationship is lost.

This leads to my Theory of Magnetic Ideation: the Divergence and the Ideation adhere to a force between them, this Force strengthened or weakened by the awareness of their relationship.

Any important Concept will have strong magnetic resonance. Indeed the strongest ideas will have the tracks of Ideation and Divergence perceived as the same, so close they rely on each other for meaning.

Thus, to better understand an idea, once must bring it's Divergence as close as possible to the Ideation: this is the Foundation of Magnetic Thinking.

In the Course of my Studies I have identified the Eleven Levels of Magnetic Consciousness, through which we can first perceive, than transcend, Truth, as exemplified by the Universe.

Ancient incarnations of the Magnetic One have left clues that exist before the dawning of Man. Indeed, Magnetic Thinking is what brought Man into Existence.

Unfortunately, Man is not born into Parallel. This is the root cause of despair and dissatisfaction with Life. Through my training, a person that reaches Level Three of Magnetic Consciousness can develop the beginnings of controlling the Magnetic Powers that shape their life.

I, Laslo, operate at Level Eleven: True Magnetic Parallelism. True Magnetic Parallelism enables one to Transcend Life in The Pure Magnetic State.

Through your studies with me I shall show you how to bring your tracks into Parallel, unleashing greater thinking capacity, strength, and a Magnetic Sex Drive. Stop living in False Convergence: study with me today....

Fees may apply.

I am Laslo.

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